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Marcus’s Journal – Entry One

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This is the first and possibly last entry into this book that I, Marcus, have picked up in order to record my adventures in the Year of the Sun,

Irecently having returned from abroad in giving aid to a traveling circus and placed into the custody of Prismeus Vrago for an expedition into a recently though of uninhabited expanse of wilderness, have faced death no less then twelve times in the last couple days.

I am now seeing to it that I have a short record of my time in the expedition and my Last Will and Testament should anything happen to me; however, its only now dawns on me that if I die here and now that no one else may return to hand the will over. Pity.

Now to get my Will out of the way before writing a record of my time:

I , Marcus Jonathan Walter Fairchild, traveling Cleric of the Sun and honorary certificated healer, of sound mind and body hereby grant ownership to Father Mathews, Minister of the Church of the Guiding Flame and Paladin of the Order of the Dawn, of all my worldly belongings and due pay through my work to the Vrago Expedition to distribute and/or donate as he sees fit after my demise.

With that out of my way I guess I shall now make a brief record of my time since joining the expedition while the group I am currently exploring with and I take a brief respite from the choking vapors and dangers lurking in these halls.

After returning from assisting a traveling Circus passing through Leuda during the time between late Planting and early Sunsebb, I made my way to Kataan to visit Father Mathews and receive my next service to humanity. The monk by the name of Chester under Father Mathews has the records of my previous journeys, pay and expense receipts. As a favor to Father Mathews I was due to head out for a five year contract with a caravan sent to set up a town or some such. At the time I did not know all the details but I had faith in Mathews to send me where I was needed.

After joining a trade caravan, I made my way to my next employer the fore mentioned Prismeus Vrago. A contract to escort and look over an expedition to start up a new town and see to the health of everyone involved under Vrago. There was also a sub-contract to recover and move any found relics, artifacts and such which were to be sold to private buyers and used to fund the town. My contract didn’t really go into detail over that bit but I was now signed on for five years or until dismissed of my duties.

From here on the events and my recollection of the happenings onwards of 2nd Godsday of Readying before muddled. I ended up pulling my back whilst loading the caravan and was recovering for the beginning of the journey which I have been told involved an encounter with missing children and the Fey. My involvement became more intense from this point on after a group of hired mercenaries tried to bring back the heir to some noble family who had decided to elope. It wasn’t my place to judge him and he was adamant on staying so the mercenaries were driven off and we finally made camp. Said camp was placed near an old tower which we broke down to make re-use of. Later on in the night we were attacked by animate plants and the goat-headed Fey again but we all rallied together to fend off the attack to make it through the night.

By now I was becoming fairly friendly and familiar with the rest of the camp and even accompanied several on the exploration of some nearby ruins. Four members of the camp stand out in particular and its with those four that I find myself in need of keeping this record. There is the crafty and inquisitive Jeeko, a delightful Kobold who I am growing fond of due to his antics and skills. Then there is Thaal who is a bit different but once again who am I to judge? The lads a bit sickly and looks like he could use a bit of sun and exercise. Next comes Taurcon who I can’t really say much of at this time since most of my interaction with him is healing. Lastly we have Korbin who I just recently learned is a walking suit of armor. I look back on my life and thought I had it rough but Korbin here has enlightened me to the fact that no matter how hard I have had it so far that there are some people who are worse off or have been through much, much more.

There are of course many more people who I’ve come to be acquainted with such as the ever knowledgeable Fenton Fryft but its the other four who I have had the most contact and interaction with. Its those interactions which, as exhilarating and exciting as they have been, I believe will ultimately lead to my death. Though I should make it abundantly clear that I do not hold it against them and that I am willingly following them into danger.

Our first day of exploration into the old rooms wound up with myself being bitten by a large spider, half the party being taken captive by a Frost Giant, and ended up with us killing said giant and befriending some pygmies. Due to the delirium brought about by the spider venom I can’t recall everything that happened that day but was told it was amazing. It has come to my attention that Jeeko doesn’t have the best grasp of the common language and his vocabulary is limited.

We continued on by following the Pygmies to their underground burrow and through them learned more about the area. Some old magic seemed to be keeping this place under constant frozen weather which has made traveling and exploring difficult at times. After breaching the wall of one of the local rooms we were attacked by a large amount of vermin, returned to camp with some of our finds, and then came back to explore the other ruins. Again, I am being brief because most of this record is being written in haste and on faulty memories.

After returning to the ruins, we attempted to navigate a blizzard that seems to be magical in nature like stated previously. All attempts to pass through it failed so we attempted to go under. That is how we arrived in the ruins we currently walk. After climbing to the top of a nearby pyramid and breaking through some sort of seal, we lowered ourselves into the bowls of the pyramid and have been wandering it since then. Since then we have inhaled poisonous vapor, found a large hermit crab that turned out to be sentient but of no real help, encountered the goat-man again followed by having to fight a goat-man vampire who is currently disassembled and stored in my pack until I can stake him above ground in the sun, and am currently cursed it would seem by not being able to get rid of an axe I picked up. Might come in handy later. Following that encounter we found some sort of snail-squid who challenged us to combat and fled when it lost, encountered a naked young woman who turned out to be some sort of water spirit and found both her and a human faced snake creature. After that we moved even deeper into the pyramid which leads us to our most recent encounter.

Deep in these ruins we discovered a male and female pair who seemed to be survivors and protectors of some sort of the race of people who lived here before. After awakening them from their magical slumber they unfortunately crumbled to dust. Shortly after that we played some sort of game involving a magical ball and were able to move on deeper, and upwards, through the pyramid. Here the air is cleaner and there doesn’t seem to be any more danger. We have so far managed to avoid or disable any and all traps we have crossed and will soon be pressing on.

The group seems to have recovered enough to move on at this point and so I shall finish my writings here. Hopefully, if the Gods will it, I will be writing once more some time later in the day.

Thought for the Day: “You only begin to miss that which you no longer hold.”

Note To Self: Remember to talk to Jeeko about the mask he had. Will prove useful should we ever encounter more gas.

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