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Jeeko’s Journal – Entry 5

Harp bar

14th day of Readying

Got back to camp today. Told Prismeus about snowy ruins, and gnomes. Going to be taking Fenton with us next time we leave, probably. Knows Fey. Coins are from old Deviltouched empire, very old. Either going to go talk to gnomes, with Fenton, or explore the swirl of ice at the center of the city.

Talked to Iratra. Lots of experience as an alchemist, and with rituals. Agreed to teach me about it. Not made much progress since…[the ink trails off.] Wonder if she would be interested in the giant blood I took.

Talked to Korbin, too. His armor-body was not his choice. Korbin’s mate was also affected, and is who he searches for, the one in the picture. Know his pain. Korbin revealed that he was wary of me being here, at first, but is glad I’m along. …Feels nice.

[Lots of ink blots dot the page here, as if the writer was unsure where to begin.] Thaal gave back part of the giant’s finger, but not because he didn’t want it. Didn’t need it all, gave it back just in case I could use it. Says the finger was useful, that he could not even tell me how much. Wondered if he was just sparing my feelings, but…don’t think he’s that kind of person. Sounded honest and grateful.

Asked Thaal about the wizard. Hadn’t seen him, but when I explained why I was looking…Thaal’s face was like…ice. Think he was angry. But why was he angry? Friends feel echoes of the pain of friends…are we such friends? He asked what I “would have him do” if he found the wizard. Hopes we are not apart yet if he sees the wizard. Told him I wanted to go work on the bone, that I didn’t want to think about…[One of the periods here is more of a blot than anything.] about what happened, and that was true, but the bone is sitting a little ways away and I haven’t started yet. None of them seem to care about what I am. Thaal even seems to WANT to be friends. Willing to share my burdens. But why? He’s just a Grassperson. Why is he so willing to help?

Does Thaal…really consider me a friend?

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