Beyond Fate - Introduction

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Campaign Portal – Beyond Fate

The game will start out with you, the party, trying to make your way in the country of Mesa. Mesa is a heavily forested, mountainous, and dreary place that is ruled by very wealthy families that export natural resources and use the locals as labor. The locals are dirt poor, and life is very tough. Brigands, beasts, and worse prey on them while the rich folk are in their walled villas with their mercenary armies.

A recent call for help has gone out by an entrepreneur seeking workers to help explore a recently discovered archaeological site. You have decided to answer this call and will be journeying to the entrepreneur’s base camp along with dozens of others seeking work. What reason you have for taking this job is up to you: maybe you’re a mercenary acting as a protector, or a knowledge seeker looking for ancient lore.

This game, or at least the first part of it, will be about surviving in a harsh wilderness, exploring the untamed wilds, learning the secrets of civilizations long past, but also about getting to know those that have made this journey with you.

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The Story So Far

This is a log of the party’s travels and experiences in the land of Illia. This will contain overviews of the happenings as major events and plot points unfold.

Cast of Characters

Every story has its heroes, and this link will take you to this story’s heroes. Here you can find details about the characters of the Beyond Fate campaign.


Here is a collection of the fantastic locations the heroes have explored, the supporting characters they have met, and the items they have found on their journeys. There are several subsections contained within.

Character Creation

For those looking to step into the Beyond Fate campaign, this page will guide you through the process of creating a well-rounded character and putting him or her in the world.

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Beyond Fate - Introduction

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