Dating System

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Dating Systems

Currently, there are two standard dating systems used in Illia: The Imperial system, and the Io’Chrono system. Both of these systems arose following the Wings of Darkness with the intention of unifying the various systems each region used. Which system people use is largely based around where the person is; thankfully converting from one to another isn’t all that difficult.

Imperial Reckoning

Designed by mathematicians and astronomers from the ancient Imperial City in what is now Stormhold, the Imperial System was built based on logically dividing up history into three simple groups: Pre-World, Old-World, and New-World. The Old-World started with the rise of the Arkhosian Empire, and ended with the Wings of Darkness, which then ushered in the New-World. The Pre-World is designated as anything happening prior to the Arkhosian Empire, and is not given any designated years, and there is no way to measure how long events were in the time before time. It has been 427 years since the Wings of Darkness, and so according to Imperial reckoning, the year is 427NW.

Io’Chrono Reckoning

This system was introduced at the time of Kataan’s, and The Ninefold’s, founding. The Io-Chrono system divides Illia’s history into two distinct ages: the former and the present. The the event demarcating the divide between the former and the present ages, is the rebirth of Io. There is also a symmetry between the two ages: it provides a point at which years can be counted both forward or backward. In Io’Chrono reckoning the former age is referred to as the “Lawless Age” (or L.A.), while the present ages is called “Enlightened Age” (or E.A.). Hence, the year of Io’s rebirth was 1 L.A., and the following year was 1 E.A. As it has been 427 years since Io’s rebirth, the year, according to Io’Chrono reckoning, is currently 427EA.

Dating System

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