Vincent Regvos

Head of the very wealthy Regvos family in Mesa (Deceased)


Vincent Regvos is the head of the Regvos family, a very wealthy family in Mesa that owns much the western border. His estate is located in Noble where he oversees the growth of both his industry and his holdings. Much of Vincent’s business is in making exclusive trade deals with eladrin from Oriath, and shipping the goods to other parts of the continent where people will pay high prices for such exotic and luxurious commodities.

Vincent himself is a boisterous, charismatic, and handsome fellow. He is quick to smile, though something about his smile is disconcerting, as if just beneath the pleasantries there is a threat that he could make your life a living hell if you cross him. He is imposing, reaching an impressive height of 6’2". His neatly groomed hair and clean shaven face make it difficult to tell exactly how old he is.


Vincent Regvos

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