• Aern


    Monk of the Mountains
  • Cryva


    Elemental and spiritual guardian of winter. Met in the Syndrati ruins and helped fight Hadarai
  • Fenton Fryft

    Fenton Fryft

    Business manager and HR representative for Prismeus Vrago
  • Hadarai


    A shadowy figure that is one of the remnants from the Syndrati ruins. (Deceased)
  • Iratra Vrago

    Iratra Vrago

    Well-learned herbologist and ritualist, and granddaughter to Prismeus Vrago
  • Jeeko


    The Miniature Monster Hunter
  • Korbin Isaac Auros

    Korbin Isaac Auros

    Tall, Dark, and Spooky
  • Melgar Ironfist

    Melgar Ironfist

    Vincent Regvos's chief security officer and mercenary taskmaster.
  • Mysterious Stranger

    Mysterious Stranger

    A cloaked figure who appears from the shadows and kills with deadly precision
  • Nevek


    The security officer for Prismeus's expedition to the Syndrati ruins.
  • Nilus Sevenson

    Nilus Sevenson

    Leader of the Crimson Hand mercenary group
  • Ouro


    A 100ft serpent guardian that watches over the portal to Cryva's realm
  • Prismeus Vrago

    Prismeus Vrago

    Entrepreneur and business man who funded the expedition to the Syndrati Ruins
  • Sir Tyros

    Sir Tyros

    Knight who owes loyalty to the Regvos family.
  • Thaal


    sickly knowledge seeker who really does not appreciate questions
  • Vincent Regvos

    Vincent Regvos

    Head of the very wealthy Regvos family in Mesa (Deceased)