Hello there, and welcome traveler. Please take a seat, you must be weary. I go by many names, but what I do is more important: I am a weaver of stories, a teller of tales. This world is full of wonder and excitement, and I bring that to whoever can spare a moment. I can regale you with the stories of those who have walked the world before you, so choose a section in the navigation bar above and see what stories await you.

A thought has struck me. Perhaps you are not familiar with the land of Illia. It is hardly a problem at all, my friend. Let me introduce you this new world. Illia is a vaguely medieval world filled to the brim with fantastical places and creatures. From the steam-powered mechanations of the Dwarves, to the magic and mystery of the Eladrin, to the treetop homes of the Elves, to the great obsidian city of the Tieflings, Illia offers those of all walks of life a home. I have seen and heard much over the years. Many stories have been told, and many more are yet to be made. Perhaps yours is the next story to be sung in kingly halls around the world.

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Songs by the Hearth

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