The Old Gods

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The Old Gods

The Old Gods, or primal spirits, are a vast collection of entities worshiped by smaller tribal communities that dwell in the forests and mountains. Many druids, wardens, shamans, and witch doctors revere these spirits and call on them for their magic.

The history of these deities is a mystery. Some say that they were created by accident when Solas or Io shaped the earth from the raw elements. Some say that these spirits had always existed and are the progenitors of all life. Still others say that they come into existence spontaneously when they were needed most.

Some of the less obscure spirits are listed below:

Dark Sister: A dark and mysterious being that has the body of a woman and head of a jackal.

Death: The grim harvester, responsible for leading the dead to their resting place.

Fate Weaver: A great spider said to have woven the stars into the night’s sky.

Gray Roarer: The tornado, an elder spirit of pure thought responsible for psionic magic.

Great Bear: The powerful defender, an aspect often taken on by primal warriors.

Great Sky Hunter: The swift wind spirit, said to watch over the world from immeasurable heights.

Kalka-Kyalla: The hermit crab, a wandering spirit.

Lightning Lord: The lord of storm, and an elder spirit.

Master of the Wild Hunt: A being who’s sole purpose is to destroy all aberrations of nature and life.

Primal Beast: Said to be the progenitor of all animals, the primal beast is a shapeless mass of claws, talons, teeth, feathers, fur and scales.

Primal Ocean: An elder spirit of the ocean and all aquatic beings.

Soul Serpent: Keeper of the gate of dreams.

Star-Nosed Rik-Vak: The secretive mole.

Stormhawk: A spirit of swift fury. An aspect often avoided by most tribal warriors.

Thalassacil: The brain coral, said to stretch through every ocean, and contain all knowledge.

Tree Father: The eldest of the elder spirits, whose branches are said to stretch throughout the universe, and whose seeds are the hearts of worlds.

World Healer: The spirit responsible for healing the natural world.

World Serpent: Said to live within the Tree Father, the World Serpent stole the seed of the mortal world and kept it as his own.

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The Old Gods

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