The Ninefold

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The Ninefold

The Ninefold is the largest and most widely influential religious order on Illia. The seat of the Ninefold is in the capital city of Kataan, but you will find believers in all parts of the world. The leader of this religious order is the Kingpriest, who rules both church and country.

The primary belief of The Ninefold is that there is one, and only one god, who created the heavens and earth and continues to watch and guard the faithful. Their god is known by many names, but is most commonly referred to as Io, and is pictured as a great dragon with prism-like scales that create a rainbow of color. Other names may include “The Bright One”, “The Ninefold Dragon”, or “He of Many Hues”.

The Ninefold is a strict religion, with little tolerance for disobedience. Their religious leaders, known as “Novums”, also act as the lords of the kingdom, and all follow the Kingpriest’s rule. Beneath the Novums are the White Knights: a prestigious order of knights bound to uphold the law of the Ninefold and to protect to the people.

The core tenants of the Ninefold are as follows: faith, obedience, humility, reverence, charity, courage, strength, clarity, sacrifice. These nine pillars of society are what taught from childhood and all practitioners are expected to follow them.

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The Ninefold

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