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“Seldarine” loosely translates to "The fellowship of brothers and sisters of the wood”, and is a pantheon of deities held by many of the fey creatures of the world. The family tree of the Seldarine is immense to the no one knows all the deities. Rather, the families and groups of fey creatures pick and choose patron or matron deities to whom they offer worship while paying minor service to others.

The Seldarine is said to live in the spirit realm, which parallels this world. When one dies, their spirit passes through the realm of death and eventually onto the realm where the deities live, where they remain for eternity as part of the family.

Some of the most common Seldarine deities are listed below, but there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of other deities worshiped by creatures the world over.

Corellon Larethian – The most popular and powerful of the Seldarine. Corellon is the patron god of fey, magic, crafts, warfare, and poetry.

Tiandra – The most powerful goddess of the Seldarine, who controls friendship, magic, arts, and music.

Sehanine Moonbow – A subtle goddess that governs mysticism, dreams, death, shadows, and transcendence

Aerdrie Faenya – The goddess of air, weather, avians, rain, and fertility

Hanali Celanil – Goddess of love, romance, beauty, fine art, and artists

Melora – A wild and unpredictable goddess, Melora presides over wilderness, the sea, and the untamed savagery of nature

Lolth – The goddess of spiders, darkness, chaos, and poison

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