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The Ninefold

The most common of all beliefs on Illia, The Ninefold is centered in the theocractic country Kataan and headed by its leader, the Kingpriest. Practitioners of the Ninefold are devout in their belief, sometimes to the point of zealotry or fanaticism because of the strict rules and doctrine that make up a majority of The Ninefold’s teachings.


The god Solas is worshipped by a vast majority of the people outside of Kataan. The seat of the church resides in Stormhold, but has temples in all corners of the continent. The teachings of Solas are as diverse as the people: one temple might double as a civic center and preach cultural unity, while another might be a school that preaches the power of learning. It seems that no matter where you go there is always another interpretation of Solas’ way.


Five draconic deities, collectively known as the Five Bright Shiners, form the pantheon of dragonborn society. From the sky these dragons protect and watch over the world, teaching followers what it means to live and be good. Each of the five great dragons represents a path in life, and Celestians are expected to choose their path and follow in the footsteps of that dragon.


Dwarves hold 8 deities that together form the Mordinsamman; the pantheon of dwarven gods. While belief is a strong part of dwarven society you won’t find many churches or temples under the mountains, as those who worship the eight would rather do so with a small prayer and action, be it forging horseshoes or going off to battle. Group worship is uncommon outside of nuclear families, and religion is generally something one keeps to themselves, with the exception of significant events.

The Seldarine

In the common tongue it reads “The fellowship of brothers and sisters of the wood”, and is the pantheon of gods worshipped by elves, eladrin and other fey. The family is led by Our Lady of Silver, Selune, who is attended by several lesser gods and goddesses. Unlike the dwarven pantheon, the Seldarine so many gods that only the most devout could name them all. Fey families will typically have a patron or matron deity whom they revere above the others that represents the family somehow.

The Old Gods

An uncommon and dismissed dogma in current times, the Old Gods are a generalized term for primal spirits worshiped by tribal groups: druids, barbarians, shamans, witch doctors, and the like. These powers may represent different aspects of nature, and often are personified as animals. Those who follow such beliefs are often ostracized by society, and as such are often found in small tribes living deep in the woodlands or mountains.

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