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The Mordinsamman is the collective name of the pantheon of deities worshiped primarily by dwarves in Belegost. The pantheon consists of eight powerful deities who reside in the underground mountain kingdom of Erackinor with lesser beings and followers. It is believed that if one has lived a good life he will join the gods in their halls for eternity.

Dwarves put a great deal of faith and effort to keep tradition and can be excessively superstitious at times, especially to those who do not know the culture. Despite faith being a large part of society there are relatively few centers of worship in dwarven cities, and public or group worship is highly unorthodox. The reason being that, as one dwarf said, “the gods don’t care about pretty words. Action is what determines your worth.”

The eight greater deities that make up the dwarven pantheon are:

Moradin – The father of creation and forger of the world. He is the highest of the gods and forged the heavens and earth from the bodies of the titans he slew. He is depicted as an old man wearing dark iron plate armor and wielding a spear twice his height.

Kord – The eldest son of Moradin. Kord is a warrior and a champion, and it is said that his when his hammer strikes the forge it is what creates thunder. He thrives on competition and battle, and is depicted wearing bright silver and gold armor and wielding a large one-handed hammer.

Dumathoin – The second son of Moradin. Dumathoin carved the halls of Erackinor and is known as an explorer and miner. His preferred weapon is the pick, and he wears chain armor. Dumathoin is also the keeper of secrets and myth.

Mya – The third born of Moradin. Mya is the protector of clans and families. She is the calm voice that keeps her family from reckless endeavors. It is her wisdom that dwarves live by. She is seen as a motherly figure, and holds no weapon and wears no armor.

Berronar – A goddess of battle in her own right, Berronar watches over her followers. She is said to travel battlefields and guide the wounded to safety and recovery, and the dead to their eternal home. She is depicted as a winged woman wearing white robes. Her weapon of choice is the broadsword and shield.

Dugmaren – Dugmaren was originally a mortal but was given divine powers by Moradin after seeing his inventions. In Moradin’s hall he is the keeper of lore and history. Many of his inventions remain on Illia as magic artifacts and relics. His weapon of choice is a crossbow.

Ulaa – The watcher in the night, Ulaa is the guardian of Erackinor and keeper of death. It is through her that all souls pass, and she guards them on the way to their eternal resting place. She has stood vigil for so long that she has turned to stone; statues of her can be found overlooking battlefields and places of great death. She holds no weapon, just a walking staff.

Abbathor – An outsider in the halls of Erackinor, and brother of Moradin, Abbathor is a greedy god who cannot help but lie and cheat. It is said that he has no physical form, but instead lives within the rock and shadows. His weapon of choice is a dagger, and is often regarded as the worst aspects of Dwarven nature.

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