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Common is spoken in most of the civilized world, and is accepted as the universal language for trade and inter-racial communication. It is the primary language of Kataan, Stormhold, Arran’ak, and Mesa. For most it is the only language they learn. The races that use Common as their primary language are humans, halflings, half-elves, and tieflings.

Dwarven is, as the name suggest, spoken by dwarven clans all over Illia. Being creatures of equal parts tradition and stubbornness, dwarven language has survived thousands of years with little change, and is the reason that even the most isolated group of dwarves speaks an understandable dialect. Dwarven is a common language especially among professional merchants, engineers, and alchemists.

Draconic is spoken mostly in the Drakovar region by the dragonborn. It is difficult, but not impossible, for non-dragonborn to speak the tongue due to strange guttural sounds that other humanoids are not equipped to make. It is also spoken by other reptilian creatures including kobolds and lizardfolk. Draconic is spoken often by those who travel a lot as dragonborn can be found in almost any society, as well as a good portion of Kataan for religious reasons.

Fey is used primarily by Eladrin, though is also spoken by gnomes, shifters, half-elves, and other denizens of Oriath. It is a very common language for scholars and wizards since Eladrin are at the forefront of both fields. Many other fey races, including satyrs, wildens, pixies, and dryads all speak different variations of the Fey language that the eladrin use, making it a valuable language for any explorer or adventurer to know.

Giant is not a language most will come across. It is spoken in society only by half-orcs and perhaps a handful of shifters but is otherwise used by orcs, giants, ogres, and trolls. Even if a half-orc could speak giant most would refrain from it in order to fit in. This language is, however, well-used by hunters, mercenaries, and military personnel, especially those on the borderlands in Mesa and Stormhold.

Goblin is spoken by goblinoid creatures like goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins. it isn’t used for much else, though like Giant, it isn’t uncommon for mercenaries to speak goblin, if only to hunt them more easily.

Undercommon is a the lingua franca used in the Underdark, and is spoken by a good number of the less uncivilized cultures down there. It is a strange mash of Deep Speech, Common, Dwarven, and Fey, and used by drow, duergar, deep gnomes, and sometimes by kuo-toa or troglodytes.

Deep Speech is an uncommon language, and most see it as an evil language. It is commonly spoken by drow and duergar, both of which are despised by much of the civilized world. Some say that Deep Speech has a connection to all things foul and dark and found in the deepest pits of the earth, and they’re probably right. The few people that know Deep Speech are those that grudgingly trade with the drow or duergar, or those that fight them.

Abyssal is an old and taboo language. It is spoken only by those who practice dark magics and consort with demons. That is, of course, if you believe the superstitions. The roots of the Abyssal language are unclear, though it cannot be denied that it has some connection with the occult. Sacrifices are performed while chanting in Abyssal, evil creatures from the hells are summoned with Abyssal rituals, the stories go on. Chances are if you meet someone who knows this language, they’re not a nice person.

Primordial is a language that was spoken long ago, and some scholars say was, in fact, the first language. What is known is that it was spoken by the Children of the Earth, and it is believed that they worshiped primal beings that created or protected the world.

Sylvan is a dead language that, at one time, would have been used by elven cultures. Now Sylvan remains a relic to be studied and recorded alongside the passing of the elves. It is not spoken by any known living race, though many magical artifacts and rituals can only be understood by one who speaks sylvan.

Draconian is the ancient form of the Draconic language. It is the holy language used by the Novums of The Ninefold in hymns, sermons, blessings, and rites. This is because it is the language that dragons spoke thousands of years ago during the Arkhosian Empire, and is said to be the language that Io spoke when he appeared to the first disciples of The Ninefold

Nerathan is the language that eventually became Common. It was spoken by the first humans to settle on Illia who eventually formed the Nerath Empire. It is common for many scholars who specialize in human history to learn this language, as many historical texts are written in it.

Turathi is an ancient language spoken by the Tieflings of the Bael Turath Empire. This is a favorite language among treasure-seeking tieflings as many old relics of the empire cannot be used without understanding Turathi language. It is also regarded as strong language for students of magic since the people of Bael Turath, for all their faults, were powerful sorcerers.

Supernal is a mysterious language as only a few instances of it are known, and all of them are very powerful, very old, artifacts. The language cannot be spoken, as it does not have similar symbols to any known language. Many scholars believe Supernal to be the language of Solas and his angels. (NOTE: PCs learning supernal is at the DMs discretion.)

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