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Jeeko’s Journal – Entry 7

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19th of Wealsun

Strange things have happened since last entry, including passing of four moons (Com: Months) but that happened later.

After meeting Gideon and resting, went down to lower level again and opened crypt. Undead were in there, but were destroyed easily and left behind three crowns. Went back up and fought hard battle against two-headed serpent. Was wounded in battle, not pleasant. Found evidence of Satyrs being first Deviltouched.

Fought magic, living tree. Didn’t like us much, got out and destroyed it without much trouble.

Found a secret room with magic mirrors. One of them was giant slime. Fought it, won. Was some sort of magic gold bath. Turned anyone who went in gold, little stronger.

Hadarai appeared again. Seemed to be combination of many different peoples. Spoke in many voices all at once. Told us about artifact of some sort. Had to climb from artifact room; ambushed by spiders, lots of spiders. Able to hold off with Beastbane stick. Very useful, need to thank Iratra.

Got to top, fought some sort of…living corpse Satyr with a horse’s body, in room full of treasure. Fought Satyrhorse, collected some of the treasure. Went through some sort of strange puzzle that released creatures of air. Afterward, finally reached the top.

Found some sort of…magic ice tree, with woman inside. Hadarai appeared from artifact, argued with ice lady. (Cryva) Neither one liked the other. Big argument, lots of accusations…Thaal attacked Hadarai anyway. Can’t blame him, never liked Hadarai much anyway. Tauracon refused to fight for much of the battle. Thought holy men were more decisive. Not trustworthy. Others were reluctant but fought. Defeated Hadarai and shattered artifact that held the souls. Cryva helped us escape; no injuries, except Fenton’s broken leg. Fenton recovering safely in camp, now.

When we returned to camp, it was much…bigger. We were gone for just days, but defeating Hadarai broke some sort of old, old magic on the pyramid, and when we returned four moon months had passed. Not many were pleased with our late return, but hopefully our explanation soothes anger. There is another group that was brought in to replace us. Position may be…unstable. Camp has had troubles with some sort of “Land Shark” creature, seems to move through earth as easily as water.

Time will tell.

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