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Jeeko’s Journal – Entry 4

Harp bar

Third day since arrival
13th of Readying

Need to start practicing the big people calendar.

After the first night of excitement because of Hadarai, we got a quiet day of simple work around the camp. Set up traps, first. Non-lethal ones, don’t want little ones getting hurt. Next job is setting up a place for mixtures.

Went through a cave near the camp; it was lit up a bit by glowing mushrooms, and had a large spider that poisoned Marcus and knocked him out. I thought Stonemen were untouchable by poison. (Note: explore more) Came out on top of a mountain, or something similar. Cold, too. Unnaturally cold, shouldn’t be this cold, not during this season. Large set of ruins were there, too. A whole city. We explored for a while, but some sort of hunting bird led a giant to us. Frost giant of some kind, probably. He almost cornered me and Korbin, but some sort of small fey creatures interrupted and they began fighting. Took the opportunity to escape, temporarily. Rejoined the fight when the fey leader lost to the giant. Giant hurt us bad, but we hurt him just as bad. Not sure what the giant was after; he tried to escape with the fey leader, but we stopped him. Then he knocked out Korbin and stole them both. Not sure why. Thaal tried to stop him, used some sort of Word of Power. Powerful one, hurt my ears just being nearby. Didn’t work. Giant was tough. Used my own Word, should talk with Thaal about it. if he’s still alive

Oh, Korbin isn’t a person. Well, not a solid one anyway. His armor is empty. Powerful magic, should ask Korbin to teach me.

Hunted wounded giant, with Tauracon (had to leave Thaal behind), to his lair at the top of one of the pyramids nearby. Ambushed the giant and killed him, though it was close. (Note: Practice crossbow more.) Didn’t like going into giant territory, but the giant stole Korbin. Not a lot of choice. (Note: Work on something for surprising enemies. Maybe a bright light or loud sound or smoke. All three?) Giant has big pile of treasure; going to look through it when done here. Writing this entry in the giant’s chair. My chair, now. [The remainder of the page is filled with small, proud sketches of the chair.]

One thing keeps coming to mind. Last saw Thaal in pain, caught in magic growing ice. Worried about Thaal. Thaal is a friend. Gave me crossbow, made new weapon possible. Didn’t even ask for anything in return. Like Thaal. But he said to save Korbin, and to “kill that ’sunnvabitch” (Note: Ask what sunnvabitch is.) If Thaal wasn’t worried, then I won’t I’ll try not to worry, either. Thaal deserves that much trust at least.

Should bring back proof of kill. Ear? No, ears useless, and too waxy. Tooth? No, take too long.


[A few small blood spatters mark the page around here.]

Giant bone supposed to be useful. Catch two dinners with one trap. Could giant bone make a weapon?

[The next several pages are filled with a shocking variety of designs for short swords, all incorporating bone in some way.]

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