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Jeeko’s Journal – Entry 10

Harp bar

5th of Goodmonth

Much has happened. Recovered Roland’s mate; was in a magic sleep. Retrieved the antidote from Roland’s parent, Vincent. Vincent offered us work. Accepted offer, with others. Do not trust him, but Vincent has many connections and access to knowledge that could help Jeeko. Offer is likely double-edged.

First task for Vincent was to investigate “cult” (hostile religion gathering) that seemed to be gathering weapons. Only a few reasons for many people to all own weapons. Non-kobold religion is…angry.

Cult was led by blue Dragonblessed, Gharash. Thaal snuck into cult with quick words at the gate; I snuck in with smooth words, talking to Gharash. He…knew things, things that no one should know. Seems to be gifted with Sight, like Grand Shamans of legend. Snuck around and found two important things: Scarlet Hand equipment, more than enough to make a good disguise in the future. Also found an artifact similar to the box of Hadarai. Destroyed it to be safe; box conjured a spider made of storm to battle us. The box had powerful defenses; found a way around it personally with water.

After a long battle that I was missing for most of (big people are even slower than I thought) Gharash seemed to have a vision that made him ally with us. Or, at least, decide to help us for now. Offered to let us stay the night; I declined. Not taking that sort of chance, do not trust him. Did mention something interesting, however…fire-faced wizard was…hired, by someone. May not be the final target after all. Time will tell; hunters must be nothing if not patient.

Still, the Wizard holding such a high position in the Scarlet Hand (Leader?) means that goals may need to be changed. Will focus more on finding lost tribemates and the scholar. Probably should have been doing this from the start, but…hard to think about. Blood turns to fire, vision shrinks, mind gets cloudy. Heart cries out for vengeance—for justice!

So hard to not listen.

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