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Jeeko’s Journal – Entry 1

Harp bar

Jeeko’s Travel Log

First day. I’m probably going to have a lot of spare time on this journey. Might as well spend some of it constructively.

Nevek helped me get into the caravan. Most of the people weren’t very comfortable with me being there. I can’t let despair eat me up, though. Despair leads to apathy, and apathy is worse than death. Besides, a new life sounds nice.

Talked with some of the others today. Metalman Korbin seems nice enough. Big, though, and wears heavy metal armor. Big axe. Probably expects trouble. Says I have good heart. Think he likes me. Might get along.

Hairlesspaleman Thaal made me nervous, and I’m not sure why. Nevek shared some his religion’s stories with me once, though, and one of them was very interesting. One of his ancient Prophets, Krayus Bloodscale, rose up to a world that needed him, and even fought and killed dragons. He killed big monsters, he became brave, and people loved him. I want to be like that, so I talked to Hairle Thaal anyway. Didn’t seem to want to talk much, but I don’t think it’s because I’m a kobold. He says he’s pale and doesn’t grow hair, and so he’s moving to a new place. I don’t see why that’s so weird. Grasspeople are just strange that way, I suppose.

Second day. Wheel broke, but I was able to help fix it. Should be fine by tomorrow.

Third day. Set up some noise traps last night, forest felt spooky. I’m glad I did, a Grassperson hatchling set it off while leaving the camp. Something took two of the other hatchlings. Me, Thaal, Korbin, and Deviltouched holyman went to find them. Fought trickster spirits, Thaal’s stronger than I thought. We found a tomb. Inside were the hatchlings, being held by some sort of goat beastman. Probably from the Wildlands. His name was Haderai and tried to justify his theft of the hatchlings by saying it was for their protection, and that Thaal couldn’t be trusted. Tried very hard to kill him. If it hadn’t been Thaal it would have been me, probably. The word of a Wildlands trickster child-thief is worth nothing. Korbin scared him off after a small fight and we returned the hatchlings to their families. They were very thankful to the others.

Korbin is suspicious of Thaal for some reason. Maybe he’s a bully after all.

Fourth day. Very boring.

Fifth day. Talked to Deviltouched holyman. His name is Tauracon, and he likes me for helping save the hatchlings. I’ll probably get plenty of chances to work with him.

Spoke with Halfthing Titch. A lot like me. Hasn’t seen the Wizard with skin of fire, though. Might be interested in being friends. Should talk to him again.

During my conversation with Titch, Thaal’s pet bird flew by and we knew he needed help. We went ahead of the caravan and caught up with him, and saw a Grasspeople hunter in danger. An Owlbear caught up to him and wanted a meal. We crossed the river and saved the Hunter. I dealt the final blow. I felt like a Hunter again! The Grassperson thanked us and told us of a place where it should be easy for the caravan to cross the river. He warned us of danger, kobolds of the Sound-of-Moonlight tribe may want to steal from the caravan. I’m worried that they might be dangerous to the others, but I hope I get to talk to some of them. It would be nice to talk to one of my own kind again, and maybe I could even get to talk to their leader!

Grassperson hunter let me see his weapon. Fairly simple. I can probably make one for myself. Building it will be fun! Lots of waiting around anyway. The Caravan is deciding whether to go through kobold territory or not.

Tauracon and Korbin’s names still hard to pronounce. Should practice more.
Should practice writing in Common sometime, too.

[The next few pages are covered in crossbow blueprints of varying detail.]

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