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Celestianity was popularized during the Age of Heroes thanks to the efforts of the prophet Krayus Brightscale, who worked tirelessly to bring the separate factions of dragonborn together during the founding of Drakovar. Celestianity is the national religion of Drakovar and the belief system of choice for many dragonborn.

The religion itself is based on the writings of Krayus, as recorded in a book known as the Sajhik. This book is filled with stories and guidelines for living a meaningful and honorable life. Those ideas have are represented by the Don sek Tobor, or “Paths of Life”, of which there are five; one for each of the five great dragons.

Paths of Life

Dragon Symbol Path Goals
Bahamut A Shield Path of Justice Uphold justice and law, fight for the weak, protect the innocent even it means sacrifice
Tiamat A Heart Path of Self Seek personal enlightenment, better yourself, achieve greatness, do not allow others to wrong you
Aasterinian A Chain Path of Family Bring honor to your family, remain loyal to your kin, continue your bloodline, ensure your family’s future
Falazure A Staff Path of Service Serve your community and country, be pious and humble in all things, greatness comes from simple acts
Chronepsis An Eye Path of Knowledge Protect knowledge, guide others through learning, learn from the past and protect the future

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