At Worlds End - Story

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At World’s End

Part 1 – The Mortal Instruments

The story begins with six adventurers who took it upon themselves to face down the dragons. Their first success was in the dwarven kingdom Belegost, where they hunted the dragon’s kobold servants to their lair and discovered a dangerous secret: the dragons were looking for something known as the Mortal Instruments. These instruments were magical artifacts that had been lost for thousands of years, but the dragons were searching for them, and they were close.

The kobolds had located the tomb of one of the previous wielders of an instrument in the depths of the mountains. The six adventurers slew the kobolds, hunted down the dragon leading them, and took it upon themselves to find these instruments themselves. They also found out that the dragons were using an ancient series of teleportation circles known as Travel Stones to coordinate their attacks; this is how they got inside the mountain undetected.

After relieving pressure from the siege the dragons were putting on the dwarven cities, they turned to seek the mortal instruments. Their search led them to a the great Institute Arcanum, whose library was second to none. Unfortunately the area was under control by hobgoblins working for the blue dragons. The adventurers sneaked into the city and then into the library. There they found a group of scholars who were being forced to search for the very same information they themselves sought.

The adventurers were forced to flee when they were discovered and attacked by not only hobgoblins, but also the dragon ruling the city. The adventurers escaped, but the dragon survived as well. It was not a waste though, for they had learned the location of the tombs of two more owners of the instruments.

They turned their attention to Eldarnath, not only because drow had overrun the surface but because they could track down one of the tombs. As they searched for the tombs they managed to free several groups of elves that were being held prisoner and stop the drow in the area. But their goal was to find the tomb, and they did. They learned more about the mortal instruments, gaining an important clue as to their final resting place.

The adventurers then made for the deserts: home of the dragonborn. The dragonborn were not friendly, however, as almost all of them had pledged service to the new dragon gods. The adventurers had to be careful when crossing the sands so as not to avoid detection. They arrived at the ruins of an old lighthouse where they found another group had beaten them there and were searching the grounds. Lucky for the adventurers most of their rivals had been eaten by the brown dragon that lived in the area. The adventurers proved themselves clever and resourceful by winning over this brown dragon by cooking him a delicious meal, and the dragon allowed them to see his treasure horde, which contained the final tomb they were looking for.

The tomb contained the final clue that pointed to the resting place of the Mortal Instruments, and they departed immediately. When they arrived at the tomb they were forced to face off against a slew of spirits that guarded the vaults, but their effort was rewarded when they had found the Mortal Instruments. At last they had the power to oppose the dragon gods.

Part 2 – Friends and Foes

After acquiring the Mortal Instruments, these adventurers turned back to Eldarnath, which was still wrought with danger due to the drow. They hunted down the drow and followed them to their city in the underdark, where they and their rescued elven allies attacked and swept through the city, weakening the drow’s hold on the area significantly. They learned that a group of fey were helping the elves on behalf of the eladrin presiding in the spirit realm; the adventurers decided to meet the eladrin leaders and request help.

It is unknown how they did it, but the adventurers found a way into the spirit realm where they met the Seelie Court, and convinced them to aid them against the dragons. A deal was struck: the adventurers would recapture the one fey city on the mortal world and from there they fey could stage further relief aid. The only problem was that this city was floating a mile above tops of the mountains.

When they returned to the mortal world the adventurers were informed that the dwarves had devised a strategy to fight the dragons, and so they returned to Belegost. There they learned that the dwarven technomancers had invented a vehicle that could fly, but were unable to test it because of siege weapons the dragons possessed. The adventurer’s obvious reaction was to destroy the siege weapons and test the flying machine out for themselves. The maiden voyage of their new flying ship was a success, and they flew it directly for the floating fey city.

This fey city was occupied, however, by the white dragon god Rime and his minions. The adventurers, armed with their ship and accompanying a few dozen dwarven shock troopers, stormed the city, slaying the servants of the dragon and carving out a portion of the city that they could work from. It was here that they learned of a cell of dragonborn who were not loyal to the dragons, and made an alliance with these dragonborn. With the extra troops, the adventurers were able to take over the majority of the city.

Feeling confident the adventurers boldly challenged Rime, the dragon god of winter, to a battle. The fight took place on top of the tallest spire in the city while a storm raged in the sky around them. Rime was slain and his power over the city was ended. The fey could return to their city again.

With the eladrin as allies, the adventurers could worry about a more pressing matter: reuniting the shattered human nations. This started with finding a surviving king or lord. The adventurers traveled, meeting with contacts to try and gain information, and eventually they learned that a powerful lord was being held in the dragonborn capital city of Sunspear. Confident in their abilities, the adventurers traveled to the city, made it inside the walls, but were captured soon after. Their interrogation was done by the High Prophet Arjhan Bloodscale, and they were imprisoned.

Prisons couldn’t hold them for long though, as they quickly devised and executed an escape plan. They high-tailed it to the royal chambers were they fought and subdued Arjhan. The prophet revealed that it was he who summoned the dragons to this world, and for that the adventurers executed him. With their leader dead, and with quite a lot of persuading and fancy speeches, the adventurers took it upon themselves to lead the city, and the dragonborn people, against the dragons. During this time they found General Eramor, the king they had been searching for.

Part 3 – Even Gods can Die

All of their efforts on the other side of the continent left the Belegost open to an all out attack by yuan-ti forces, controlled by the black dragon god Gulgol. However with their eladrin allies the heroes are able to mount a defensive line and rout the yuan-ti from the dwarven capital city. Unfortunately in the chaos Dwarf King Remnar, third of his name, had been kidnapped and his wife killed.

The heroes tracked the black dragon god through underground reservoirs and channels to her lair in the swamp. There they found Remnar’s body, but before they could recover it, Gulgol attacked. The vicious, gluttonous, dragon perished in her own lair, and the king’s body was recovered; he had not died.

The bad news didn’t stop there, as the only remaining human city, which had been under the protection of the blue dragons, had been attacked by the red dragons. At General Eramor’s behest the heroes traveled to this city and find it entirely overrun with kobolds. They fight through the enemy army, slaying dozens of kobolds with each swing, and face off against the leaders of this assault, a pair of albino dragonborn, and slay them.

This sets the stage for the attack on the red dragon god, and most powerful being in the world: Ashwing. With an army made up of humans, dragonborn, dwarves, eladrin, and shifters, the heroes prepared for the final assault, and they march on the dragon’s keep: The Imperial City.

The Red Dawn army, as they became called, marched across the country, freeing prisoners from slave camps, slaying dragons in the process, and recruiting more to their side. By the time they reach the walls of the Imperial City they were a respectable army. But they were up against a legion of red dragons, strange foreigners with flying vessels of their own, fire elementals, demons and more.

The battle begun: The heroes on their flying ship attacked and took out the largest of the opposing fleet. Then they secured the docks so that allied ships could land troops inside the city, and from there they directed their attention to Ashwing, who showed himself on the battlefield. To stop the dragon from incinerating half their army in a single breath, the heroes distracted him by battling him in the sky. Once they drove the dragon back into the city’s keep, they pursued on foot. Chasing the dragon through the keep, they eventually found themselves on the room, and looming over them was the 60 foot long dragon god. The battle was fierce, and several times the heroes were certainly defeated, but each time they countered with equal parts tenacity and courage.

Ashwing died at the top of the citadel that day. The skies burned red with fire that day, but victory was had. The heroes hand slain the great dragon god Ashwing, the most powerful of them. Life wouldn’t return to normal for some time though: General Eramor had died in the battle, as did a number of their friends and allies. The world was a changed place now. Sadly, during this time Eldarnath had been consumed by the drow, killing nearly all of the elves. Much of the human kingdoms were destroyed and would have to be rebuilt. But the heroes were victorious, and a new age was ushered in thanks to them.

DM’s Note: The recounting of events here are as it is remembered by the majority of the population, and may or may not accurately represent the actual events of the campaign.

At Worlds End - Story

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