At Worlds End - Introduction

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At World’s End

Dragons, beings of elemental fury that were thought extinct, returned and darkened the sky in a war known as the Wings of Darkness. In one horrific day the world as you know it had changed. Cities razed and armies of dragonborn marching across the land led by their dragon gods, the most powerful of whom was the red dragon known as Ashwing, the Red Sun. Never before had such a wide-scale takeover occurred. Humans were scattered and their empire had fallen. The Elves and Eladrin had been pushed from their homes and were on the verge of defeat. Dwarves were held under siege by orcs and giants and worse.

The only hope is a small group of heroes that emerged from the despair, aided by the enigmatic Order of Vigilance. Armed with legendary artifacts known as the Mortal Instruments, they struck at the dragons when the world was still reeling backwards. The actions of these heroes saved the dwarves and eladrin lands from certain destruction and brought together the disparate remaining survivors, even going so far as to incite rebellion among the dragonborn and bring the dragonborn forces to their side in struggle against the dragon gods.

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At Worlds End - Introduction

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