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At World’s End
Heroes and Villains


Krayus Bloodscale
Confident and proud, Krayus was a dragonborn warlord, and the face of the party. It is through his actions that the dragonborn were rallied and rebelled against the dragons. He later went on to found Drakovar, and ruled it for a decade before stepping down.
A shifter monk, and one who walked the Path of Hit. He worked tirelessly to bring his peoples into the modern world, and founded the Order of Stars as a means to keep the world safe when he was gone.
Tallon Myrd
Human sorcerer, and master of the elements Tallon was a powerful leader during the war, inspiring and leading the disparate human nations. He became a prominent leader during the reconstruction after the war, founding the Imperial College for Bards and Sorcerers.
Lumenai Lothago
A mysterious man, Lumenai was spellsword and a blood mage. Following the war he disappeared, though it is rumored that his ghost haunts the remains of his old home town even today.
Sorn Darkmantle
A man of few words, Sorn was a tiefling warlock, and his friendship with Krayus proved that ancient vendettas have no place in modern society. He worked with Tallon and Krayus during the time of reconstruction after the war, but disappeared soon after.
Brimtim Earthhammer
A true man of the earth, Brimtim was the sole survivor of the dwarven Earthhammer clan. Following the war he ventured to Belegost to attempt to bring his people back to their roots, and is one of the founders of the Earthen movement.
Orsik Stonewall Baern
A pious dwarf, though not to whom you’d think. Orsik was a warrior of the god Death, whose mission it was to ensure the natural cycle of life and death was not trifled with. Legends say that he was called on by Death himself to guide and protect lost souls to their final resting place.


The most powerful of the dragon gods, Ashardalon, or Ashwing, was a red dragon who’s wings blotted out the sun and whose breath could melt castles.
The second most powerful dragon god, Rime was a white dragon who had infused his body with the pure essence of winter, allowing him to turn the eladrin kingdoms into a frozen tomb.
A vicious and gluttonous beast, Gulgol was the black dragon god who laid siege to the dwarven kingdom.
Kalarel / The Judge
A powerful lich who had been possessed by an otherworldly being, who found means to bind souls to himself in order to gain power, and to fuel his malign machinations
Arjhan Bloodscale
The high prophet of the dragonborn during the war. It was his word that first summoned the dragon gods.
A heavenly mithril dragon who used the chaos created by the war to try and grab power, but was spared by the heroes and changed sides to fight against the dragon gods.
An enigmatic figure who possesses infernal powers and uses the guise of a half-elf. Is often seen with his pet fire imp.

Important NPCs

Leader of the Order of Vigilance, and a fallen angel.
Jiergan Goldscale
Dragonborn archangel sent to guide the heroes towards their destiny.
Eladrin spymaster for the Order of Vigilance. Died in the line of duty.
A mysterious bard who seems to be able to come and go wherever he pleases.
Rurik Anvelhelm
A loyal ally and emissary when dealing with dwarven politics. Fought besides them in many battles.
The blue dragon god that turned on his brethren and aided the heroes. Was slain by Howell.
Shandria Songblade
Eladrin warrior and captain of the Summer Queen’s guard. Led the eladrin forces during the war.
General Eramor
The former ruler of the nation of Alden, and was rescued by the heroes. Killed by Kalarel when he appeared after the assault on Ashwing.
The commander of the forces led by Rime, but turned sides and was instrumental in garnering support among the dragonborn troops.

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At Worlds End - Cast

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