Elemental and spiritual guardian of winter. Met in the Syndrati ruins and helped fight Hadarai


Cryva is an elemental spirit and the guardian of winter. The form she took when she met the PCs was as a womanly-looking figure with blue and green skin, grass-like hair, and large leaves patched over her skin. She seemed to be attached to (or live inside) a gnarled willow tree with leaves and branches made of ice and crystal.

Cryva is from the spirit world, and, as far as can be discerned, was summoned into this world by the Syndrati in order to stop her and her eladrin subjects from winning the war they were fighting. When it turned out that Cryva overpowered the Syndrati, a group of Syndrati that are collectively known as Hadarai cast a spell to seal Cryva in an area of stopped time. With the help of the PCs Cryva was freed and Hadarai was destroyed.



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